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 by Kayla L. on Disability Friendly

Wonderful bed! I would highly recommend the purple bed to family and friends!!

 by Simon M. on Disability Friendly

I thought pillow technology had reached its potential. I mean, how smart does it need to be to hold your head up? But Purple pillow is extraordinary. I look forward to laying my head down every night. Now I have to buy the **** mattress even though my mattress is 12 months old. Purple blew me away.

 by Linda R. on Disability Friendly

These cushions are amazing. Originally bought 1 and ending up reordering 4 more!

 by Angelica T. on Disability Friendly

The platform was so easy to assemble . I've only had it for about a month now and I'm super glad I found purple! Best purchase ever!!!

 by Susan r. on Disability Friendly

I'm not sure where to begin. I've never owned a mattress that I loved, just some that were not too great and some that were fine to sleep on. I had very high expectations when I ordered the mattress because the advertisements mad the mattress seem so revolutionary and "like nothing you've slept on before. I decided to order a pillow for myself also because I'm a pillow snob and as soon and my pillow is worn in just after a few months it doesn't feel the same I buy a new one (yes... every few months 😑) I also bought during a promotion for free sheets which was a bonus! So I've had my purple everything for the past couple of months now and I can't wait to get into bed every night. The mattress is amazing, it's firm and soft at the same time, the sheets are some of the softest sheets I've owned and I will only be buying more purple pillows because when I wake up every morning my self, my boyfriend and our two dogs are all on my one pillow. I'm so happy to have discovered purple and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who does not seep comfortably and wants to try something new.

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